to the BEST COURT Hot Springs

An historic boutique motel located In Hot Springs Arkansas.

The Best Court is a collection of connected cottages, (many with garages) a home and a restaurant all on a 1-acre parcel in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. We are here to preserve a part American Heritage, the of the birth of automobile travel and it’s benefactor the Motor Court. We are 1 of the few remaining 1930’s continually operating (in our case for 85 years) early Motor Courts. The Best Court is one of only a handful of the 60,000 once proud Motor Courts and Motel that sprang up along new Interstates and US routes and roadway grids from 1925 thru the 1960’s. This was America’s budding romance with automobile travel, roadside tourist attractions, car hop dining and pull up dairy bars. The Best’s 17 “sitting garages” create an amazing experience of guests being able to interact with likeminded visitors. We believe that all restored motel’s, which is a huge new phenomenon in the USA has potential for real, fluid community. The Best is thrilled to be a part of this movement. We believe that hospitality brings joy, that it is not servitude, but genuine concern for making others happy and smile. We thank you for your support, restoring this beautiful piece of American history has taken much time, treasure, mental fortitude and tears. To complete the restoration of the Best Café will take even more funding (which local banks do not understand),to complete the final chapter of the history of the Best for the future generations to enjoy. Please support us!

To reserve a room give us a call at (501) 701-1111

The Rooms

Hot Springs National Park

In the onetime gambling capital of the US, where Mobsters and movie stars of the 1920’s,30’s and 1940’s played, the unlikely, mostly, Federal Government run town, of Hot Springs National Park flourished. It’s Central Avenue majestically lined with elegant giant lush Southern Magnolia trees is still operated by the Federal Government and the National Park Service. The opposite side of the street is privately owned. The Federal side is lined with historic Bathhouses. Across the tree lined street quaint shops, restaurants and tourist attractions reside in buildings, built in the 1920’s and earlier. Central Avenue runs over 1 mile along Bathhouse Row to Ouachita Avenue. Hot Springs was then touted as a physical and spiritual retreat, where visitors could be “Cured” with no matter what ailed them! All cures were possible with the powers of the Hot Springs Mineral Water. In 1933 the Best Court began catering to those driving their automobiles to Hot Springs numerous medical centers and their doctors. According to Stephen Hunter in his novel “Hot Springs” the Best Court was a gangster hideout. The Best Court is also said to have been Marylin Monroe and Joe DiMaggio preferred lodging in the “Corner Suite” at the Best Court The National Park, though not as large as other National Parks, offers miles of scenic hiking, mountain biking and leisurely drives under a summer lush canopy of trees, with occasional pull offs to view the surrounding terrain. There are steaming fountains and US Government spring water bottle filling stations along the Park. In the early warm Spring weather horses race at Oaklawn Race Track, as they have since their first race in Hot Springs Spring 1904. Slot machines and card gambling has remained legal and flourishing at Oaklawn too. Famous for some of the purist lakes in the USA Hot Springs this is a fisherman’s paradise. Hot Springs was just called the “top emerging 2018 travel” destination Named by Priceline’ CEO Brett Keller. The Best Court has been hosting National Park Visitors for 85 years please let us take care of you as you explore everything Hot Springs National Park has for you to enjoy.

Local Attractions